Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Web Design Meeting # 2

Meeting today in order to approve several blog links and to receive updates on the social media links for the site.

-- Lyonzam


The music video for Imaaji's hit song "Astronaut" has entered post-production.

The footage selection was completed and ready to be shipped for editing.

Stay tuned to see "Astronaut" and to enjoy the visuals of the music video on television in early 2017.

-- Lyonzam

Monday, December 5, 2016


Our plan for recorded artist by the name of Zama has been drawn for 2017:

1 - Photoshoot : To strengthen his brand, promotional material and to keep growing his fan base

2 -Video shoot : To grow his social media presence and fan base

3 - Song production : Create new material 

4 - Radio play : In February 2017

5 - Live performance : In February 2017

6 - Have fun and strive for success!

-- Lyonzam